Great Outdoors

All of your favourite classes in the great outdoors with INTENCITY boot camps, buggy boot camps, running clubs, walking clubs and outdoor classes.


Boot Camp (Outdoor)

Great outdoor total body workout which mixes traditional drills and body weight exercises with interval and strength training.

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Enjoy great outdoors with this low impact form of aerobic exercise that raises metabolic rate, encouraging the body to burn more fat.

Pilates Fitness (Outdoor)

Using the body toning techniques of Pilates, improve fitness with low repetition and low impact stretching and conditioning.

HIIT Class (Outdoor)

A full body cardio workout that includes short bursts of super intense work with low intensity/active recovery.

Yoga (Outdoor)

Incorporating systematic exercises and self-development techniques for body, mind and spirit focusing on core conditioning.

Circuit Class (Outdoor)

An intense full-body work out that combines resistance training with aerobic exercise. Suitable for all levels of ability.

Group Cycle (Outdoor)

Enjoy our great outdoor workout using pedal power to develop your lower body tone and burn plenty of calories.

Stretch & Tone (Outdoor)

A low impact class focusing on improving stability, mobility, flexibility and muscle tone.

Insanity (Outdoor)

A cardio based conditioning programme based on the principles of maximal effort interval training resulting in more calories burned.

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