Free Entry For Over 65's

Over 65´s urged to use free gyms

Fusion Lifestyle runs an established program that engages those aged 60+ in physical activity. All Haringey centres offer specific classes aimed at those aged 60+ as well as a range of other classes.


Haringey residents aged 65+ are entitled to Free Membership at the following sites:

·         Tottenham Green Pools and Fitness

·         Park Road Pools and Fitness

·         Broadwater Farm Community Centre

Free access plies only Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Activities on offer range from gym, swimming, racquet sport to group exercise classes.


How to apply:

Resident who qualify for free over 65's access need to apply at one of the centres listed above and show their ID (birth certificate, passport, driving licence) and a proof of Haringey Residency (Council Tax, Utility Bill, Freedom Pass).


Other membership types are available if over 65´s would like to use the facilities evenings and weekends. Please contact your local centre for full details.