Totnes Pavilion - Update on negotiations

Latest News - 4pm 15th May 

Totnes Pavilion will be open as usual tomorrow after positive discussions

South Hams District Council and Fusion Lifestyle can confirm that conversations held today with Tadpool and its solicitors, to enable the Leisure Centre in Totnes to remain open with Fusion as the operator, were very positive.  All of the outstanding issues were discussed and the principle of how to resolve them was agreed.  However, all three parties now need a little more time to complete this process, which would involve the drafting and reviewing of contacts. 

In order to allow time for this to happen, South Hams District Council has agreed to fund the operation of the centre for a further two weeks.  This would ensure that the centre remains open for users while the contracts are being completed.  Tadpool has also been asked to make a contribution towards this.

The timetable for completing the contracts is now as follows:  All three parties meeting Monday 22 to review the final drafts of the contracts;  the final documents will be issued for signing on Wednesday 24 May, with completion no later than Friday 26 May. 

If the three parties do not stick to this timetable, South Hams District Council will not fund the centre beyond Tuesday 30 May, and the dry side would then have to close. 


Statement - 9th May

Fusion Lifestyle took over the running of Totnes Pavilion on 1st December 2016, on the understanding that this operation would in due course extend across the Pavilion to the existing swimming pool and gym facilities operated by TAD Pool Trust.

Unfortunately,negotiations between Fusion, South Hams District Council and TAD Pool Trust have not yet resulted in this vision being realised.  In continuing to provide these services on an interim basis and in good faith whilst negotiations have continued, Fusion has incurred a significant financial loss. 

Fusion has been in regular communication with all parties to progress the negotiations as much as possible. However, the current arrangement and revenue losses are unsustainable for Fusion. With no clear timetable or route for resolution of the outstanding matters, Fusion has informed the Council and Trust that it will not be able to continue to offer its services under the same arrangements after 15th May 2017.

Fusion remains very hopeful that a mutually agreeable resolution will be reached before this date. However, if the three organisations are unable to reach a solution, then services provided by Fusion at the Pavilion could cease, at least on a temporary basis.  

Fusion will take reasonable steps with the Council and the Trust to find a solution. Throughout this process, Fusion remains committed to supporting its staff and customers and will try to keep both as informed as possible over the coming days and weeks. The charity´s strong preference is to remain involved with the facility in Totnes, and Fusion hopes to deliver investments and other improvements to create high quality, sustainable leisure provision in the long-term.