Price List

Note, we are a cashless facility which means we don't take cash payments. This is because there are more convenient and secure ways to make your payments to enable a much faster entry process and avoid those reception queues. To pay, you will need to do one of the following:

- Take out one of our attractive membership options.

- Pay-as-you-go using a debit or credit card (chip and pin or contactless) or Apple Pay.

- Ask for one of our free Rewards card, with which you can book and pay for sessions on-line.

Please speak to a member of the team for more information. 


Item Adult Junior
Adult Lane Swim £8.00 N/A
Junior Swim £4.00 N/A


Item Adult Junior
Gym £8.00 N/A
Group Exercise Classes £8.00 N/A
Sauna £8.00 N/A

Pitches & Courts

Item Adult Junior
Football Pitch (1/3 pitch) £30.00 N/A
Football Pitch (whole pitch) £90.00 N/A
Tennis Court (adult per person) £6.00 N/A

Lido from 1st June 2022

Item Adult Junior
Swim Session £8.20 £4.10

Gym from 1st June 2022

Item Adult Junior
Gym Session £8.20 £4.10
Group Ex Classes £8.20 N/A

Pitches & Courts from 1st June 2022

Item Adult Junior
Football Pitch (1/3 Pitch) £30.00 N/A
Football Pitch (Full Pitch) £90.00 N/A
Tennis Court (Per Person) £6.20 N/A