Hillingdon Horror Maze

Hillingdon Horror Maze

Friday 27th & Saturday 28th September

7pm -10pm

Horror tours every 20 minutes

At last this Halloween the deeply troubled souls of our past get to roam free in the maze where they seek their escape from the walls of the haunted building known as the Hillingdon Horror Maze.

For centuries they have lain dormant growing more and more impatient to be released so that they can hunt down all who dare to cross into their dark and gruesome world. As night falls the moon frees the shackles that have kept the ghouls trapped in the horror maze. Now it is time to show that you are not successors to the evil forefathers responsible for the terrible things that happened to them. As long as you are strong and true they will not harm you - BUT if you try and stop them they will trap you in the maze . . . forever!

Athletics Stadium at Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex

Advance tickets available from Ticketsource: 0845 838 9058