Fusion Lifestyle Supporting Communities

As a registered charity, we see our role not simply as a leisure contractor, but as a partner to the Council and other stakeholders within the local community.

We set out to have a positive impact on the local communities living around facilities we manage. Our objective is to deliver high quality sport, health and wellbeing services that are inclusive ad accessible to all without stigma or inequity. In particular we overcome barriers to participation, including socio-economic, age, gender, disability, cultural and ethnicity.

Our activities and initiatives can be summarised under the following headings:

  • Investment
  • Affordability and equity of access
  • Young people
  • Disabled people
  • Older people
  • Community programmes


Over the past 6 years we have completed over 150M of investment with our partners and funding bodies such as Sport England & Heritage Lottery Fund. This programme has brought significant and improved amenities to our local communities, adding to the quality and variety of services that can enhance community wellbeing. 

We have re-instated 12 disused and dilapidated facilities, bringing to the local community new and enlarged swimming pools, health and fitness facilities, space & equipment for children´s activities, sports halls, outdoor sports facilities and cafés. We estimate that there will be an extra 5 million visits a year as a result.

The Brockwell Lido investment (2007) continues to add value to its locality bringing a wide range of sporting and non-sporting activities to a previously derelict site and driving an additional 250,000 visits a year. In 2011 Fusion commenced a similar redevelopment project at the Wycombe Rye Lido (formerly Holywell Mead Pool) in High Wycombe.

Affordability and Equity of Access

A concessionary pricing structure is in place across our portfolio to enable all those from disadvantaged and, or, low-income communities full access to our services. 30% (almost 2 million) visits and 30% (over 10,000) regular subscription customers are from hard to reach or low income backgrounds and enjoy concessionary prices. In addition, we operated a comprehensive range of targeted programmes in 2011, including:

  • programmes within deprived areas to encourage participation;
  • Sporting Chances programme to provide free sporting activities for children;
  • free half terms and summer holiday activities for children, working in partnership with Help a London Child;
  • free access for looked-after children.

Disabled People

In 2013 we saw 202,000  visits from people with disabilities. We have promoted our accessible facilities and activities with:

  • free gym and pilates sessions and events on International Day for Disabled People;
  • taster days and free yoga, pilates and swimming sessions for carers;
  • support for young disabled people to set up and deliver disability sports, judo and table tennis clubs;
  • specialist swimming lessons and free swimming lessons for people with disabilities;
  • training for our staff in disability awareness.

Older People

In 2013 we saw 850,000 visits from those over 60 yrs. 

Activities support the awareness of our inclusivity for the older generations included:

  • specialist 60+ activity sessions including swim, gym, class and a sports activity for a fixed price and encouraged alongside a social `club´ environment for our older customers;
  • free Swimming for over 60´s;
  • targeted programmes including badminton, seated exercise classes, swimming lessons and rambling and walking groups
  • delivery of NHS exercise referral programmes across 7 partnerships.

Community Programmes

We seek to promote sport and active leisure participation to the widest possible community, and to engage positively and inclusively with those who do not normally take part in active leisure. We carry out a vibrant programme of general-appeal events in all our sport and leisure centres. A selection of these from 2013 include:

  • swimathon which involved 28 swimming pools & 800 swimmers and raised 96,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care;
  • hosting of Crisis "Winter Dip" an outdoor swim event which raised 13,000 for the homeless;
  • participation in other national fund raising and awareness events including Children in Need, Sports Relief Miles and Cancer Awareness;
  • organisation of and support for local events such as Fun Runs, Five-a-side tournaments, Country & Local Authority Shows;
  • recruitment of 100 volunteers for the London Marathon
  • seasonal events such as Winter Outdoor Swim and Valentines Open Day where the local community are invited to use facilities free of charge.

Our approach to sports and community development is based on a number of core beliefs:

  • forming good partnerships and working collaboratively with local and national organisations;
  • supporting local sports clubs;
  • using sport as a diversionary activity to help reduce crime and disorder;
  • helping the personal development of young people including promoting positive behaviour, confidence and improving educational attainment;
  • making it easier for people to achieve healthier lifestyles;
  • building social networks within communities;
  • promoting equality in sport by encouraging those who traditionally have not taken part in sport to participate.

Our sports and community development objectives:

  • innovative programming for all in the community, opening access to underrepresented groups;
  • increasing participation;
  • creating strong partnerships;
  • developing the workforce with training and employment opportunities;
  •  supporting the growth of sport in the community;
  • quality coaching programmes;
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • our communities can use our list of the National Governing Bodies of Sport.