Grand Opening

Duncan Goodhew

Olympic gold medalist swimmer Duncan Goodhew opened Dartmouth's new indoor swimming pool on Saturday, December 3rd at 2pm.

Pool trustee George Hardy said: "We have been working towards reaching this milestone for such a longtime, that it felt important to celebrate".

We have been very lucky as Duncan Goodhew offered to come to Dartmouth to join in our opening celebrations. This is a man who has not only achieved the pinnacle in sporting excellence but who, after winning his Olympic gold medal, has worked tirelessly to encourage more people to take up swimming.

This is exactly what we want the pool to be about. It will give aspiring swimmers a route to excellence and will allow all the community a chance to take part in swimming on their doorstep. All the trustees are delighted he has volunteered to join us for the day.

Duncan Goodhew won gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics competing in the 100 metres breaststroke. With the recent memories of the Olympic games and Britain's outstanding medal haul, it is easy to forget how challenging it was at that time to achieve sporting excellence. There was far less sponsorship in those days and there was no Olympic-size pool in whole of the south west. Duncan overcame a childhood accident by proving himself in the pool.

He has continued to support swimming and to use his experience to promote positive attitudes and to raise money for charitable causes.