Young at Heart

Young at Heart is a programme for EVERYONE aged 50 and over.

Are you over 50 and keen to improve your health and fitness whilst having fun? If so, our Young at Heart scheme is for you. Membership costs 25 per year for City residents over 65 and 30 per year for City residents under 65. For non-residents aged over 65, membership is 35 per year and for under 65s it´s 40 per year. As a member you will receive:

  • Access to a wide range of activities and classes for FREE
  • A free health check four times per year
  • A Young at Heart membership card, a weekly timetable of activities, a walks programme, information on healthy living, a stretch exercise band and exercise guide, and a pedometer (step counter)
  • A calendar of social events, including quiz nights, day trips and parties
  • All the latest events and opportunities detailed in a quarterly newsletter
  • Activities range from swimming to ballroom dancing and guided walks around London

Young at Heart members can also access the Golden Lane Sport & Fitness facilities during off-peak hours for 1.50 a session. This allows Young at Heart members the opportunity to take part in additional activity outside of the normal weekly programme.