Aqua Physical Coming Soon To Golden Lane!

Aqua Physical have created a brand new way of exercising - the aquabase and classes are soon to arrive at Golden Lane!

Using the natural fluidity of water to add an effective and enjoyable element. Aquabase is a tough inflatable base designed as the perfect water-based platform for many forms of exercise.

Sessions at Golden Lane Sport Fitness start on Thursday 22nd October and run every week as follows:

  • Thursday (6:00-6:45pm)
  • Sunday (5:00-5:45pm)
  • Monday (8:30-9:15am)

The floatfitTM class is a revolutionary, low impact, cross training HIIT workout giving continuous feedback, increased focus and refined alignment. Incorporating compound movements, isometric exercises, plyometric exercises and stretching. Merging these together creates a fun full body workout. The floatfitTM class can be modified to incorporate yoga and pilates. 

Having to balance the body and mind to grapple with the unpredictability of water is challenging. Even standing on the board requires focus but the soothing sound of the water helps smooth any frazzled minds. All levels of ability enjoy the challenges exercising on the mat throws up - moving from one simple pose to another requires concentration. The sense of achievement is high giving a big boost to motivation and confidence.

Exercising on the aquabase detects lopsidedness created by previous injury, or bad habits and any muscle weaknesses can then be effectively strengthened. With the continual movement of the water surface, pairs of muscles need to be used equally and any imbalance is instantly identified. Detecting unevenness immediately pinpoints existing problems reducing the possibility of further damage to joints and muscles.

Not only is aquabase great fun it is extremely effective without the sweat and tears associated with a workout in the gym. 

Leila Francis Coleman, Founder, comments "We are excited to launch this brand new product and know that people of all ages and abilities will love discovering this new way of working out. We worked hard on the concept with personal trainers and physiotherapists to ensure that we are utilizing the unpredictability of water in a safe and effective way. Coming soon to swimming pools and health clubs near you."

Lucy, class attendee, comments "Everyone knows how hard it is to stand on one leg on land for any length of time but imagine trying that on water. Suddenly the need to remain upright takes over the mind and the body struggles to find a way to balance. Enormous fun and keeping a straight face is impossible!"

To find out more, visit the link below