Meet The Manager 2020

We value your opinion!

We are hosting monthly customer forums where we would like to invite you to come along and discuss certain areas of our centre. Please feel free to attend any of the dates below and speak to the General Manager and relevant staff on issues you have encountered, or provide any feedback you may have:

January - Wednesday 22nd at 7.30pm

February - Thursday 20th at 10.30am

March - Saturday 28th at 10.00am

April - Wednesday 22nd at 7.30pm

May - Thursday 21st at 10.30am

June - Saturday 27th at 10.00am

July - Wednesday 22nd at 7.30pm

August - Thursday 20th at 10.30am

September - Saturday 26th at 10.00am

October - Wednesday 21st at 7.30pm

November - Thursday 19th at 10.30am

December - Wednesday 16th at 6.30pm 

If you cannot make these sessions then please feel free to head to this link to leave feedback.