£400k gym investment at Hanworth - now open!

The brand new gym is now open following a £400,000 investment!

Add this to the amazing improvements already made to the pools in the last few months means the centre has received a massive £1.3 million investment! 

Your new gym now includes:

All NEW cardiovascular kit - 34 pieces, including new treadmills, bikes, rowers and cross trainers, Zero Runners and more....

22 NEW fixed resistance machines including shoulder press, chest press, cable row, cable pull-down, dual assisted pulley, leg press, assisted chin and dip and many more...

NEW free weight kit including dumbbells (2-50 kg), chin/dip station, Elite half rack,Elite power rack, linear leg press, glute/hamstring developer and more!

A huge range of NEW functional equipment including a Functional Training Rig (coming soon!), plus punch bags, slam balls, TRX, core bags, kettle bells, medicine balls, slam balls, battle ropes, Olympic rings and indoor tyres - amongst loads of other goodies!