Hot day protocol at Hinksey Pool

When the temperature hits 20c or more the pool can get extremely busy. We have a maximum capacity limit that we must observe. 

On days where maximum capacity of the pool is reached, rather than operating a 'one-in one-out' system, we instigate a 'banding system' to ensure that all customers can gain access to the facility and enjoy time in the pool. 

This means that on extremely busy days, time in the pool maybe restricted to either 15 minutes or 30 minutes per hour per person depending on the number of visitors on the day. If implemented, this will be relayed to the public whilst they are queuing, and across this website and our social media.

If you are planning to visit us on hot days, please ensure you bring:  

- a drink
- a hat or umbrella to shelter from the sun 
- sunscreen

You may also find that you are in the queue for a period of time - there are no amenities - so please come prepared.