Our programmes promote strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun to fit anyone's abilities


Children work on a different piece of equipment each week including:

- beam- trampetts- vault- floor- tumbles and rolls- badge work.

We follow the British Gymnastics badge work scheme.

£20 per month via Direct Debit. Initial £10 payment for British Gymnastics membership. 

We run sessions for 50 weeks a year and badges are included.

Children also have swimming included during public sessions outside of school time.

Sessions run as follows through the week:

Mondays 10.10-10.50 Pre School Gymnastics, age 2-4

Mondays 11.00-11.40 Pre School Gymnastics, age 2-4


Tuesdays 16.10-17.00 Gymnastics, ages 4-7

Tuesdays 17.00-17.50 Gymnastics, ages 4-7

Tuesdays 17.50-18.40 Gymnastics, ages 8-12


Wednesdays 11.10-11.50 Pre School Gymnastics, age 2-4

Wednesdays 12.00-12.40 Pre School Gymnastics, age 2-4

Wednesdays 16.10-17.00 Gymnastics, ages 4-7

Wednesdays 17.00-17.50 Gymnastics, ages 4-7

Wednesdays 17.50-18.40 Gymnastics, ages 8-12


Thursdays 16.10-17.00 Gymnastics, ages 4-7

Thursdays 17.00-17.50 Gymnastics, ages 4-7

Thursdays 17.50-18.40 Gymnastics, ages 8-12