Exercise referral success at Loughborough Leisure Centre

Tara Haigiahat was referred to Charnwood´s Exercise Referral Scheme last year because she was suffering from a shoulder impingement condition. Tara was under an Orthopaedic Surgeon awaiting surgery to correct this. Our aim was to strengthen the muscles around her shoulder joint in preparation for this surgery and to aid recovery. She also needed to increase her core stability to help limit her back pain which is a result of Osteoarthritis. She was able to take part in the scheme at Loughborough Leisure Centre under expert guidance from Tina Coles the Exercise Referral coordinator who designed a programme using various gym equipment. 

Tara found the set session times helped her to attend regularly and become part of her routine. Twice a week Tara followed her programme which resulted in increased upper body strength and pain free movement in the affected joint. The programme also included exercises that improved her core strength which have helped considerably with her back pain.

Taking part in the scheme has meant that exercise has become a part of Tara's weekly routine. The brilliant results she has seen has made her aware of how important exercise is and she intends to move into mainstream exercise and continue to be active long term.

Nick Evatt, the Sports and Community Development Manager at Fusion Lifestyle, commented: `This is fantastic news and it is a credit to the fantastic work Tina is doing on our exercise referral programme. We believe in giving our customers as much choice and variety as possible when it comes to getting fit and active and this result is fantastic news for Tara´.

Will Blanche at Charnwood Borough Council added: `Charnwood´s exercise referral programme is really leading the way with their scheme and we´re really pleased that Charnwood residents will have access to something as well co-ordinated as this´.

Tara added: "I have found the exercises I have been doing have really strengthened my muscles and this has been the biggest benefit for me. Over time I have gradually increased the resistance and as a result feel much stronger. I was scheduled for an operation on my shoulder but due to this programme I no longer need it! I use a variety of equipment and have seen improvements in my fitness levels. In the past I have suffered from bouts of back pain but now my back and core are strong and I am pain free. I really enjoy coming to the gym and I feel so proud of myself and thankful to my instructors for helping me along the way"