Mowsbury Golf Course Customer FAQ's:

Booking Your Tee Time

All tee times must be pre-booked and paid for online with no turn-up and play option. 

Bookings will go live on Thursday 25th March.

If you need to create an account to log in, you'll need to email mgc-sales@fusion-lifestyle.com

Advanced Bookings

1. Members 7 days

2. Non- members 7 days 

Tee off times can be booked:

Monday to Sunday - 7am to 6:30pm (gates close at 7pm)

Arrival at the Club

You must check-in 15 minutes before your tee time. You must access the reception to check in for your round. This is limited to only four people in the reception at any time. 

Toilets are still accessible however there will be no changing facilities available.

Once you have checked in please arrive at the 1st tee no earlier than 5 minutes before your start time. Please adhere to the social distancing signs and markers that have been installed. 

Playing on the Golf Course

The golf course may appear different the first time you play as some restrictions have been put in place for your safety.

The divot boxes and ball washers have been removed or covered up and benches have been put out of action. The only toilets that are in use are in the clubhouse. 

Playing from a Bunker

If you find yourself in a bunker you may notice that the rakes have been removed. The bunkers are currently marked as 'ground under repair' so please take a FREE drop from the bunker.


The flags must remain in the hole during play and not removed.


Q: How do I book a 2 ball round online as a member?

A: When booking a 2-ball round please log into the system and book the Tee off time you require that's available.  Then inform your playing partner to also log into the system and book the 2nd slot at the same tee off time. 

Q: How do I book a 3 and 4 ball round online as a member?

A: When booking a 3 or 4 ball round please log into the system and book the Tee off time you require that's available.  Then inform your playing partners to also log into the system and book the remaining slots at the same tee off time.

Q: What happens if I cancel my booking or don't show up?

Cancellation within 24 hours of the booking will lead to a late cancelation fee unless the space is filled by another booking and a no-show will be charged if a member does not attend a booking

Q: What happens if I do not book online?

A: Any member failing to book their Tee off time online will not be permitted to play their round.

Q: What happens if I don't book a similar Tee time to my partner?

A: Any member that books a Tee off time not agreed with their booked playing partner will not be permitted to play their round.

Q: If I am a non-member how much does it cost for a round of Golf?

A: For a 1-ball round it will cost £35 and for a 2-ball round it will cost £60

Q: If I am a non-member how do I pay for my round of Golf?

A: All rounds of Golf need to be booked and paid online prior to arriving at the course. This can be done via the following link: https://fusiononline.fusion-lifestyle.com/Connect/

Q: If I am a member/non-member and have never booked online with Fusion Lifestyle before what do I do?



To log in to your account and book a tee-time, please request a password by visiting https://fusiononline.fusion-lifestyle.com/Connect/mrmLogin.aspx and clicking Forgotten your password. Provided the email address entered matches your membership account, an automated email will be sent allowing you to set a password for your account. 


Use the book online button on the website and then use the register now option to create an account.

Q: If I don't want to book online is there another method of booking a Tee off time?

A: Yes, there is. You can book via the Fusion Lifestyle app and if you haven't got this you can download it for FREE on Google Play or the Apple App Store

Q: If I am a non-member how much does it cost for a 3 or 4 ball round of Golf?

A: For a 3 or 4-ball round it will cost you the following:


3 ball £75

4 ball £100


3 ball £90

4 ball £120

Q: What is the earliest time I can arrive at the course before my tee-time?

A: Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior you tee-time and leave the course straight after your round

Q: Where do I go when I arrive at the course?

A: When you arrive, park in the car park as usual. Please follow the signage that will guide you on a one-way route to the reception check in point which overlooks the 18th green. 

Q: Do I need proof of booking with?

A: Please ensure you bring a copy of your booking confirmation email with you to access the course. This can be printed or on a mobile phone.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to buy food or Golf equipment at the course when we arrive?

A: No. 

Q: Will Golf carts/Buggies be available?

A: Yes, these are bookable using the Fusion Lifestyle Website or App

Q: If I book a round but am unable to attend will I be able to use this session at another time?

A: No, you need to ensure that you are available for the session that you book as if you are unable to attend, we will not provide an additional session to a member or provide a refund to a non-member 

Q: What is the protocol for refunds?

A: Refunds will only be provided if Fusion Lifestyle close the course for unforeseen circumstances. Refunds will not be provided for booked and missed sessions by members or non-members. 

Q: What about reward points?

A: The Loyalty Points program will be suspended at this time, therefore customers will not be able to accumulate or spend loyalty point against activities at Mowsbury Course.

Implementing New Rules and Changes at the Course

1. There will be toilet and hand washing facilities available

2. Please only use your own equipment and balls 

3. Please refrain from handshakes or exchanging of scorecards

4. Always maintain 2 meters apart from other people

5. Wear golf glove (if possible 2 gloves) during your visit to the golf course

6. The flags must always remain within each hole 

7. The ball is considered holed if the ball is below the level of the putting green 

8. The pin hole liner will be adjusted, meaning the ball cannot fall below the surface

9. Signage reminding you of the need to keep practicing social distancing and hand washing

10. New routes may be outlined to ensure a single direction of traffic when navigating the site 

11. 2-meter distance queuing system in place

12. Benches and bins will be removed or covered, and customers asked not to use them

13. Ball washers and drinking fountains will be placed out of use

14. There will be no rakes or ball retrievers

15. We will be following Public Health England guidance and will continue rigorous cleaning procedures throughout

16. Staff will wear PPE (personal protective equipment) while cleaning 

For further member FAQs, including questions about memberships, please click here.