Sport & Leisure Rewards

Sport & Leisure Rewards is a FREE Rewards points programme with a simple aim - to give you great rewards for using the wide range of facilities and activities available at the centres in Bedford.

To sign up, you simply complete your details on an application form available in centre and hand it to reception or click this link to sign up online.

Why register?

o It's FREE, quick and easy to join

o Earn points on all sport and leisure spend

o Redeem points for FREE activities

o Register today and enjoy 200 FREE start up points

How to earn and redeem points

Cards are pre-loaded with 200 FREE introductory points. You start earning points simply by presenting your card to reception every time you make a payment for any valid product or service. You can then redeem your saved points on similar activities and items. 

For every £1 spent, you earn 10 Rewards points.

For example...

Spend £27 with us on your casual activities - including swimming, studio classes, INTENCITY classes and casual gym sessions - and you'll earn 270 points. 

Add this to the 200 FREE introductory points you received on joining and you've earned yourself a free swim!  

And going forward, you'll enjoy a free activity approximately every 10 sessions!

For more information speak to a member of the team.