Life after Stroke - Stroke Rehabilitation Scheme

The Bedford Borough Stroke Rehabilitation Scheme can assist you or someone you care about in the rehabilitation process.

This scheme links directly into the existing stroke pathway and aims to help improve the daily lives of stroke survivors by providing a programme of activity after stroke.

Each programme runs for a 10 session period under very controlled conditions. The exercise sessions take place in one of our highly equipped fitness suites in a group session or on a one to one basis if required. Stroke survivors are given an individual programme which is continually reviewed at each session. This programme is available free of chargeto any stroke survivor living within the boundaries of Bedford Borough.

The exercise sessions are closely supervised by fully qualified ARNI (Action forRehabilitation from Neurological Injury) trained instructors. The staff have a wealth of experience working on referral programmes including cardiac rehab and GP referral exercise schemes.

How will the scheme help me?

The scheme adopts the ARNI approach using a mix of cardiovascular and resistance exercises along with task related training and physical coping strategies which will help stroke survivors in the performance of their daily lives. Many other long term benefits of regular exercise include:

·        Improved health and efficiency of your heart and lungs

·        Improved sitting, standing, balance and gait

·        Improved strength and flexibility

·        Improved speed and tolerance

·        Improved independence

·        Improved posture and body tone

·        Help you to relax and cope with anxiety and stress

·        Help improve self confidence and sense of well being

·        Help you to feel good physically, emotionally and psychologically


What happens when I finish the programme?

Following the completion of the 10 sessions your progress will be reviewed. You will then be given a free 12 month membership allowing you to carry on training independently with the continued support from the ARNI instructors helping you to continue to lead a physically active lifestyle.

Contact Details

For more information please contact a member of the stroke rehab team at John Bunyan Sports & Fitness on 01234 364481 or at