Concession Memberships and Passes available in Haringey

Concession Memberships and Passes available in Haringey

Keeping fit and active is imperative to our health, especially during these unprecedented times, which is why we would like to remind you of our concessionary offering.

If your circumstances have changed as a result of COVID-19,we still want you to have the opportunity to use our facilities to stay healthy and active.

Concession memberships are available from £25 per month, (Or £12.50/Free to over 65's), Pay and Play sessions are available from £1.75. 

To find out if you are eligible for our concessionary rates, please click here.

To see our price list, including concessionary discounts click here.

In order to claim concessionary discount, you will first need to visit the centre and show proof in order for us to add the concessionary discount to your account. They will also be able to provide any further information on memberships.

We hope to see you soon!