Price List

Note, we are a cashless facility which means we don't take cash payments. This is because there are more convenient and secure ways to make your payments to enable a much faster entry process and avoid those reception queues. 


Item Adult Child
Gym Session £6.00 N/A
Fitness Classes £6.00 N/A
Exercise Referral - Per Month £25.00 N/A


Item Adult Child
Swim £6.00 £4.00
Inflatable Session £8.00 £8.00

Soft Play

Item Adult Child
Soft Play £4.00 N/A

Sports and Racquets

Item Adult Child
Table Tennis Lead Player £4.50 N/A
Table Tennis Additional Player £1.50 N/A
Squash Lead Player £4.50 N/A
Squash Additional Player £1.50 N/A
Badminton Lead Player £4.50 N/A
Badminton Additional Player £1.50 N/A
Bowls £2.00 N/A