Exercise Referral

Our GP Referral Scheme is available to help with rehabilitation after an injury or illness.



The Active Lifestyle Referral Scheme (supported by NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland) is a partnership between Charnwood Borough Council, Fusion Lifestyle, G.P. Practices and other Health Care Professionals.

The scheme offers people who are inactive or have a condition that could benefit from physical activity the opportunity to participate in exercise, including gentle exercise to music, circuits, aqua aerobics, gym based sessions, walking, Zumba gold and t'ai chi.

Our referral period is 12 weeks, during which you will have the opportunity to speak with our team on a one-to-one basis to improve both your fitness and general well-being.   

All exercise sessions are offered: 

  • Under the guidance of qualified exercise professionals 
  • At a convenient venue in the local community - either Loughborough Leisure Centre, South Charnwood Leisure Centre, Soar Valley Leisure Centre or classes in the community (held in at Sileby Community Centre and Birstall Village Hall) with walks being held at various locations all over the borough, to include special walks from Loughborough Leisure Centre and Soar Valley Leisure Centre, Mountsorrel 
  • At a specially reduced rate as we are mindful that people with ill health may be unable to work full time

Why are we promoting physical activity for people with health issues?

Years of research has proven the enormous health benefits of physical activity for all members of the community.  We now know that participation in regular exercise that makes us feel warmer and breathe a bit harder can help to reduce the likelihood or delay the onset of disease and disability.  However, it is not that simple, and people need encouragement and support to help them take the first step to becoming active on a regular basis, especially if they have existing health issues.  This is what this scheme provides.

What will we offer you if you become a member of the Exercise Referral Scheme? 

We will offer you support, encourage and motivate you when you need it, offer you advice when you ask, design a personalised exercise programme just for you and offer you any other help and support you might need to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

What if I have never exercised before?

Don't worry. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you're making the right move by thinking about getting more active.  Once you have been referred by your health professional, you will be on the first step to a new life. 

Do I need to be fit before I go to a session as part of the scheme? 

No. Not at all. The scheme is for people aged 16+, with a variety of health issues and mobility issues, and it is also a good chance to get to meet new people.

For further details on the above, please either click on the links below, or contact Tina Coles by email gp-referral-charnwood@fusion-lifestyle.com  or call 07730 801967