FAQ's regarding our refurbishment works

Following from the announcement of investment refurbishment works across the Charnwood contract we have created a list of expected questions and answers we usually receive when we are completing such works, and detailed answers for members information during this time.

How will my gym access be affected?

Access to the gyms will be restricted during the refurbishment process, however full access to our other centres will be made available to all membership types. 

There will be a temporary gym installed at Loughborough Leisure Centre during their refurbishment works. Whilst work is taking place at Soar Valley Leisure Centre and South Charnwood Leisure Centre, members can access the studio to use the space outside the normal class timetable to work out, please note there will be a limited amount of equipment. 

How will the class timetable be affected?

There will be changes to our class timetables during the refurbishment works, however we are working hard to ensure there is limited disruption. At Loughborough Leisure Centre and Soar Valley Leisure Centre classes will be relocated to different areas of the building so be sure to check where your classes are taking place during the upcoming weeks. Due to limited space available at South Charnwood Leisure Centre no studio classes will be taking place during their programme of works. However additional gym based classes will be taking place in the newly refurbished gym. All members will have access to the class timetables at Soar Valley Leisure Centre and Loughborough Leisure Centre during this time. 

Will anything else be affecting during this time?

Pool programmes will not be affected, however due to upgrade works within our communal areas you may be re-directed via different routes. 

Can I use other centres during this time?

Yes, all memberships will have access to other centres based upon their membership type. 

Can I freeze my membership during this time?

Yes, to freeze your membership please click here. Once submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation. More information on freezes can be found on the website. 

Will my membership increase during this time?

No your membership will not increase based upon this investment. However as per our T&Cs, memberships are reviewed annually in line with inflation and cost of living. 

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.