Schools Out

Make our centre your first stop for fun activities this holiday.


Come rain, shine or snow, we have a range of indoor and outdoor activities to stem the boredom in a fun, safe and social environment, including:

Junior Gym 11-15 years £4.00 Exercise in a safe environment with an instructor on hand to help you. Becoming gym-confident younger in life can encourage healthy lifestyle habits.

Junior Circuits 11-15 years £4.00 A multi stationed group exercise class that combines cardiovascular fitness with muscular strength and endurance. A dynamic and challenging workout designed to work on all the basic elements of fitness. 

Junior Boxfit 8-15 years £4.00 Train like a boxer and punch your way to the perfect physique,in this boxing based circuit. Session adjusted for kids aged 8-15 years.

Street Dance 4-18 years £4.20 Street dance teachers will help you understand rhythm, coordination and will teach you basic as well as more challenging moves and grooves.

Junior Spin 11-15 years £4.00 Indoor cycling is a workout you do on a specialised bike in the fitness studio. Fast music helps create a highly energised atmosphere. 

Dodgeball 8-15 years £4.00 Dodgeball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves.

Junior blockfit 8-15 years £4.004 workouts, 1 class, performed to easy to follow blocks of choreography to original music sung by Chico himself. 

Fun & Floats 8-13 years £2.10 Large floats in a variety of sizes, try and stay on, climb on board with your friends, try to stay afloat.

Arts & Crafts 2-11 years £4.00 Get involved in our range of arts and crafts activities.

Simply view our full range of activities and book online today, or call our centre directly if you would like more information.