Travel Plan - Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness

The Travel Plan typically focuses on day-to-day journeys made by residents, staff and visitors to a particular site and is a tool that aims to provide a package of measures to reduce the number of journeys carried out by car and to encourage a greater use of active modes such as cycling and walking. This enables an organisation to manage and deliver its sustainable transport objectives through positive action.

The travel plan strategy sets out a site audit of available transport facilities, the objectives, targets and indicators for the travel plan, along with the actions and measures that need to be taken. Travel Plans are site and development specific and should be viewed as a 'living document', capable of being updated to suit changing travel patterns indicated by monitoring results and of being maintained long after the occupation of the development.


Encouraging sustainable travel;

- Lessening traffic generation and its detrimental impacts; 

- Reducing carbon emissions and climate impacts; 

- Creating accessible, connected, inclusive communities; 

- Improving health outcomes and quality of life; 

- Improving road safety and reduce the need for new developments.

Catching the Bus

- Towards Turnpike Lane - 41, 230, 123, 41, 67 

- Towards Tottenham Hale - 76, 41, 230, 123

- Towards Northumberland Park - 341, 476, 318

- Towards Stoke Newington - 76, 149, 243, 476

- Towards Wood Green - 230, 243, 123 

Research shows that drivers commuting in diesel cars produce 6 times as much pollution as the average bus passenger.


Is the easiest and cheapest way to exercise. It saves you money and helps the environment too. Walking for just 30 minutes a day helps keep your heart healthy and strengthens muscles and on average burns 80 calories per mile Get a route map between any two points, including your journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon savings.

Walks Programme -

Catching the Train

Closest overground/tube stations to the centre are:

- Seven Sisters-10 minute walk

- Bruce Grove Station-11 minute walk 

- Tottenham Hale-16 minute walk 

Rail produces only 1% of UKs total emissions, road transport meanwhile accounts for 23%.


Improves your strength, stamina and cardio-vascular fitness. Cycling helps to lower both blood pressure and resting heart rate. Bike racks are available at the centre. More information regarding cycle routes can be found at