Meet The Manager 2019 Dates


Meet theManager Dates 2019

Come along and meet the managers with any suggestions orfeedback you have about our centres.


January                 Wednesday 23rd               19:30 pm  

February              Thursday21st                      10:30 am

March                   Saturday30th                      10:00am

April                      Wednesday24th                 19:30 pm

May                       Thursday23rd                     10:30 am

June                      Saturday29th                      10:00am

July                        Wednesday24th                 19:30 pm

August                  Thursday22nd                    10:30am

September         Saturday28th                        10:00am

October               Wednesday23rd                  19:30 pm

November          Thursday21st                       10:30am

December           Saturday30th                      10:00am


Feedback can also be left with our reception team, fill outa feedback card, email our General Manager, leave your feedback online, ormessage us on social media Tottenham Green General Manager

Online feedback @

Face book: @tottenhamgreenlc

Instagram: Tottenham_Green_Pools&Fitness