Bedford FAQs

Updated: 12th January

New GLL website links for the centres are below:

These FAQs apply to the following centres; Bedford International Athletics Stadium, Blue Peris Mountain Centre, John Bunyan Sports & Fitness, Kempston Outdoor Centre, Kempston Pool, Mowsbury Golf & Squash Centre, Oasis Beach Pool and Robinson Pools & Fitness.

As of 1st February 2024 the management and day to day running of the Fusion centres in the Bedford Borough will move to Better (GLL).  We're honoured to have been a part of your activity journey and hope it continues when the centre changes hands.  To ensure a smooth transition we have prepared some FAQ's and we will add to them should more questions arise.

Will there be any disruption to the opening hours as a result of the change of operator?

To prepare the centres, GLL will be closing some of the centres for two days on the 1st and 2nd of February. 

The closure on the 1st and 2nd only affects Bedford International Athletics Stadium, John Bunyan Sports & Fitness, Kempston Pool, Oasis Beach Pool and Robinson Pools & Fitness.

There will be no disruption to Blue Peris Mountain Centre, Kempston Outdoor Centre or Mowsbury Golf & Squash Centre.

Please note that Oasis Beach Pool is currently closed, and we will update customers when we have more to share.

What happens with direct debit payments for memberships and swimming lessons?

We will take direct debit payments up to and including the 1st February 2024, thereafter all direct debit payments will be taken by GLL (Better). 

I'm an existing member, my child has swim lessons, I've booked a birthday party or other booking, what do I need to know?

Please visit this link for the support from GLL.

I'm booking activities, what do I need to know?

You can continue to book using our website or Fusion Lifestyle app until the close of play on 28th January.  The book ahead rules will apply as normal.

From the 29th January onwards you will not be able to book activities, and access to the Fusion Lifestyle app will stop. You are still able to use the facilities up until 31st January, but we will accept walk-ins only.

GLL have their own app and more information is available on this link.

I have a customer service question, who do I contact?

We are responsible for customer service issues up to the end of January, and our aim is to ensure that all questions and queries are looked after.  Please approach the team before the transfer, and after we leave all Bedford centres we will still be contactable, please email our customer service team at

I follow the centre on Social Media, what do I need to do?

Nothing, the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts will all pass to Better (GLL), they will stay the same and from the 1st February GLL take over.

I use the Fusion website?

As of the 1st February, your local Fusion centre in Bedford will no longer appear on our website, and GLL will be in touch once your centre is live on their website.

I have a cashless balance on my account?

Cashless balances are prepaid credits on your account that allow you to pay for sessions when booking. Please note, these will be honored until the 31st January and will not transfer to your GLL account. 


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