3 Fat Burning Techniques

Summer's fast approaching and the months until holiday time are flying by.

You've been putting the hours in, working the cross-trainers and treadmills and have even tried a class or two.

But you're still waiting for the pounds to drop off.

Throw these 3 techniques into the mix and get ready for fat burning glory.

Weight for it

Weight lifting isn't just for "making gains". 

Lifting weights is a super effective calorie burner for those looking to burn off fat. 

Full body exercises like squats are the most effective as they work multiple muscle groups at once. 

And there's huge benefits in pushing yourself.

Lifting heavy weights more than doubles the 'calorific spend' compared to lifting lighter weights.


HIIT the gym

Numerous studies have shown HIIT to be the best exercise for burning maximum calories in the shortest time.

Though low-intensity cardio has been the go-to fat burner for years, your body gets used to this exercise with practise.

And so doing the same exercise becomes less effective over time.

High-intensity interval training however pairs almost all-out effort with periods of active rest.

Comparing HIIT to cardio for the same amount of time, high intensity interval training blows cardio out of the water.

And when it's only 20 minutes long, it's the perfect way to fit in a workout at lunch or before after work drinks.

Short intense classes like Grit and Intencity show you how it's done.

Give it a boost

Both HIIT and weight training help your metabolism skyrocket for around 24 hours after exercise.

This "afterburn effect" is actually excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and is triggered by intense activity.

So you continue to burn calories as your body cools down, and even when you sleep. 

Sound ideal?

It's not too late to give it a go.

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