5 Myths About Healthy Eating

Veganuary and #CleanEating not for you? 

Uncover the truth behind 5 popular myths and hit your nutritional goals without dramatically changing your diet.


Myth #1: Eating fats will make you fat.

Not all fats are bad. Fish, nuts and olive oil are all rich in good fats which can help improve cholesterol levels and potentially reduce your risk of heart disease.


Myth #2: Coconut water is the only thing worth drinking.

Approximately 60% of your body is water. Sip water 'all the time' and you will not only stay hydrated but you will feel more energetic and move to your desired goal faster!


Myth #3: Eggs, dairy and meat are bad for you.

Protein-rich foods like chicken and beans are essential to repair and rebuild your muscles after exercise. Eating protein in most meals fills you up and lessens the fat forming effect of insulin. Bickels Yard café has a range of balanced meals to help you refuel after your workout.


Myth #4: Snacking between meals causes weight gain.

Plan to eat at least 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Stick to eating when you plan to, not just when hunger strikes, and you'll be more likely to make a healthier choice.


Myth #5: Working out on an empty stomach burns more fat.

Eat 2-3 hours before exercise and you will have a more effective workout. When you are hungry, you tend to become lethargic and want to avoid exercise completely. Our Bickels Yard café found onsite offers energy-packed snacks such as flapjacks and nuts.


Bonus top tips:

  • Change your eating habits a little at a time and form good habits. This way you are far more likely to stick to them!
  • Stick to natural, unprocessed foods and avoid foods that make weight loss statements.

Remember it is not about being perfect all of the time, it is about being good most of it!

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