Argyle Fit Weight Loss Football League

Fusion is proud to share that we have partnered with Plymouth Argyle Community Trust, to provide a fantastic free 5-a-side weight loss football league called 'Argyle Fit', which will commence on 15th March at Ivybridge Leisure Centre in South Hams. The sessions will be taking part every Tuesday between 1pm - 3pm.

This programme has been made possible with new funding from Devon County Council and offers football fans the chance to play with peers, with the aim of scoring goals with every pound lost.

Argyle Fit differs from normal 5-a-side football leagues as:

1. To play in the league, you need to have a BMI of 28+

2. You score a goal for your team if you lose 1lb or more each week

3. You score an own goal if you gain 2lbs or more from the previous week

4. There are bonus goals for those that lose the most weight

The programme will run for 12 weeks, with half of the group playing football matches in the sports hall, while others can benefit from classroom-based sessions on nutrition, mental health and wellbeing, then swap over. 

The theory element will cover various topics such as how to improve your diet, increase your activity levels and how weight can be lost safely. The programme is proven to help people achieve significant long-term improvements in weight loss, physical activity, diet and mental wellbeing. 

It's completely FREE to take part in Argyle Fit and participants can sign up as a team or individuals, which are then placed in a team. To sign up, visit the link below, select 'Argyle Fit' (Ivybridge) and follow the instructions. 

Find out more here.