Drowning Prevention Week, 19 - 26 June 2021

Drowning Prevention Week aims to raise awareness of the importance of water safety whilst keeping it fun, whether it be at the beach, in the pool or at home. It's vital to keep yourself and your family safe around water, whilst still having fun. According to the RLSS, 44% of drownings happen between May and August, as our beaches get busy during the summer months. Also, due to the closure of schools and swimming pools during last year, swim experience, water safety education and lessons have taken a huge hit. 

When heading to the beach, ensure you go to an area that is lifeguarded and when in the water - stay near the shore and don't swim near rocks, piers, breakwater or coral. Ensure that children are always supervised in the water and don't let them go out too far. Inflatable dinghies and lilos can be very dangerous when used on open water, keep to using them in sheltered and confined spaces. 

If you prefer heading to your local pool for a dip, be sure to familiarise yourself with the centre's pool safety guidelines and be aware of the pool depth and layout, don't push yourself to perform beyond your swimming capability. Ask the lifeguard on duty or a member of the centre team if you have any questions! 

Have fun in the sun, and the sea this summer! Find more information, tips and advice on the RLSS website by clicking here.