Keeping Active During Lockdown

Keeping Active During Lockdown 

Going in and out of lockdown is tough, and we know how especially difficult it can be to keep active whilst in the confinement of our homes. However, we want to inspire everyone to keep active and stay motivated right now.

Which is why we wanted to share with you our top tips for keeping active during the lockdown.

Go for a walk 

Being active doesn't have to mean taking a high impact class, or even breaking a sweat. If you are struggling to find the motivation to exercise at all, we recommend starting off with a walk. Not only will it stretch out your muscles, but it is also a great chance to get some fresh air, which can do wonders for our mental wellbeing.

Work out with friends - virtually!

We understand that for many, exercise classes are also a social activity. So, to combat this during lockdown, we recommend you and your workout buddy take part in the same classes from the comfort of your own homes! Just because you can't see someone in person, doesn't mean you can't continue to workout with them online. Our live classes offer you and your friends the chance to participate in the same class from different locations. Sweat it out and catch up after via video call!

Begin your spring cleaning!

It's a new year, and dare we say it - time to tackle that drawer, cupboard or even room that needs a clear out! With more time being spent at home than ever before, now is the time to address it. Cleaning is a great way to not only keep busy, but also keep active! Plus, the sense of pride you will feel after tackling a job you've been putting off for so long will undoubtedly feel great.

Keep up the commute

With most of us now working from home, we are no longer commuting to work. And whilst it may be nice to not sit on a train for 30 minutes, we are missing out on that all important walk to and from the station. For many, the commute to work is now simply moving from one room to another, a maximum of 10 steps and zero fresh air. We recommend trying to re-introduce your commute to work. Try a quick 15-minute walk around the block before you start your day, the fresh air and exercise will set you up for a productive day.

Challenge yourself to try something new

There's no doubt about it, lockdown is tedious. But there are so many different workouts and exercise programmes you can take part in. We challenge you to try something new! Whether its daily, weekly, or monthly - take part in a class you would not usually! If you're usually jumping up and down in HiiT, why not try Yoga or 30-minute stretch? Or, if Pilates is your workout of choice, how about mixing in some boxing?


Don't forget we are currently streaming live classes daily via YouTube, so join us this week!Click here for YouTube.