Newcastle City Pool

Plans which saved an historic pool and Turkish baths are being copied by a group hoping to preserve a similar derelict building 150 miles away.

Manchester's Victoria Baths trustees visited Newcastle's City Pool to see how they can emulate its redevelopment.

The North East baths were saved by campaigners and taken over by sport and leisure charity Fusion Lifestyle.

Victoria Baths' Gill Wright said Newcastle was a "flagship" for making historic pools "fit for today".

Michelle Hirschhorn-Smith, of community group Re-open Newcastle Turkish Baths & City Pool, added: "We´re thrilled to be working with the Victoria Baths group from Manchester and Fusion Lifestyle.

"It´s been inspiring to meet with other people who share our passion for public pools and historic buildings, and we´re especially glad the Victoria Baths team have come to visit Newcastle as these are two very rare buildings which still house Turkish Baths."

Fusion Lifestyle is a charity which ploughs all profits from its operations back into the business to provide affordable health and fitness facilities for all.

Anthony Cawley, director of operations for Fusion Lifestyle, said: "It´s great to be able to meet with and give advice to the team from the Victoria Baths Trust.

"It´s obviously been hard for councils to maintain historic leisure facilities, and we hope that this partnership can be used as a blueprint for other pools across the UK."

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