Receive a FREE MyZone MZ-Switch Monitor with Annual Memberships!

For a limited time only, take out an annual membership with us and receive a FREE MyZone MZ-Switch Heart Rate Monitor, worth £139.99. Take your training to the next level or gift to the fitness fanatic in your life this Christmas! 

To set up your new membership and claim your MyZone MZ-Switch, request a call back by clicking here and our team will be in touch to confirm and send your monitor. This is a limited offer that must end Saturday 27th November.

MyZone's MZ-Switch is the world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. Monitor your heart rate on your chest, arm or wrist. Three times the motivation and three times the fun!

What It Does

  1. Allows you to switch between wrist, arm and chest with ease.
  2. Unlocks heart rate training for anyone not comfortable wearing a chest strap.
  3. Instantly tells you which heart rate zone you're in when worn on the wrist, thanks to the flashing indicator light.
  4. Built-in memory so that you can work out phone-free.
  5. Shows live workout stats that you can view via the app, on your smartwatch or on the screen in your gym.
  6. Logs every workout online so you can engage your community and make every effort count.
  7. Connects with your favourite cardio machines.
  8. Let's you see your heart rate on screen with MZ-Remote and MZ-Remote+
  9. Sets monthly physical activity goals recommended by the World Health Organization that maintains positive lifestyle change for the long term.
  10. Tracks your physical activity via a points system so whether in the gym, outdoors or swimming, it all counts towards your weekly activity goals.

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