Summer-Time for Tennis

When Wimbledon begins, you know that summer is has arrived! Although, tennis can be played both indoors and outside, making it a sport that you can participate in all year round. 

Many people enjoy tennis as it is very social and also simple to learn and play, making it an excellent game for having fun and getting active with friends and family. Due to it being a game of endurance, it is also a skill that can lead to playing competitively. 

Benefits of playing tennis include: 

Stress Relief
Tennis is a fantastic way to relieve stress and burn off energy as it is a head-to-toe workout. As the game requires constant focus and being alert, it can be a welcome distraction from everyday life. Releasing muscle tension and having a physical outlet through exercising is a great way to feel more relaxed.

A Sport for Life
The sport can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness abilities, including children's tennis, tennis for adults and even those with physical disabilities such as wheelchair tennis. The whole family can get involved.

Improves Balance, Agility and Motor Control
As you use a racket whilst playing, this encourages the body to stabilize itself whilst performing the swinging motion, as your core muscles stabilize your hips to avoid you falling. The weight of the racket and arm extension also helps to train your body to maintain balance.

Tennis isn't a sport that's performed in a straight line, having to move around the court in a range of directions, movements and speeds are what can encourage you to be more agile and lighter on your feet.

A Social Sport
Social interaction has become even more appreciated following the events over the past year and a half. Being social and staying connected can benefit both your physical and mental health. Tennis is a good way of bringing people together, achieving a greater sense of community and reducing the feelings of isolation. 

Contact your local centre with tennis or badminton facilities and see what sessions they have available. Hire a court for yourself and a friend, family members! View our centre locations here.