Exercise Referral

Our GP Referral Scheme is available to help with rehabilitation after an injury or illness.



Exercise Referral Scheme at Frome Sports & Fitness

The exercise referral scheme is developed to introduce people who are inactive or sedentary and are otherwise healthy or who have an existing health condition or injuries. 

Physical activity referral is suitable for anyone who is over 16 and will benefit from exercise to help in the rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of certain medical conditions. For example:

o Hypertension

o Hypercholesterolaemia


o Asthma

o Obesity

o Diabetes 1 and 2

o Osteoarthritis

o Rheumatoid Arthritis

o Osteoporosis

o Depression/Stress/Anxiety

o Simple mechanical back pain

o Joint Replacement

Once referred by a health professional into the 12 week referral scheme you will have an initial consultation with the exercise referral instructor to discuss your needs and what activities are suited to you. Who will then support, encourage and motivate you through the first steps to a healthier and active lifestyle.

Our referral scheme is discounted cost will depend on activities this will also be discussed during your first consultation.

After the initial 12 week period, participants will be encouraged to continue to attend the Centres by taking out a membership that is also discounted. 

For further information or to book your consultation email us on exref-frome@fusion-lifestyle.com or call 01373 465446