Get them back in to Swim School!

Now is the best time to get them back in the water and developing their skills at our Swim School! 

Swim England has recently revealed that 81% of parents want their children to learn to swim so that they can look after themselves if they get into trouble. Despite this, they also found that 96% of children aged 7 - 11 are stopping their swimming lessons too early, and aren't meeting the requirements to help ensure they are not just confident, but competent and safe in the water. More than 3.4 million seven to 11-year-olds in England are failing to meet minimum standards that have been brought in for swimming lessons outside of school, it's been revealed. 

To be competent in the water, Swim England have shared that children should be able to:

  1. Swim at least 100 metres without stopping
  2. Tread water for at least 30 seconds 
  3. Experience swimming in clothing
  4. 'Float to live' (performing a star float on their back for at least 30 seconds)

Swimming is a vital skill that can be learnt at any age. Our amazing instructors are there to help teach and guide them, whilst keeping the sessions interactive and fun! 

Speak to reception for more information and enquire about availability, or complete a contact form here.

Or head over to the Swim England website for more information.