Try something new...

Looking for something new to try this January? Why not dip your toe in our group exercise classes!

Group exercise classes are a fantastic way to stay motivated and achieve fitness goals, whatever they may be! If you're looking for something less high-impact, come along to one of our mind and body classes where we look at combining mental focus and body movement to improve strength, balance and overall health! Mind and Body classes are typically Pilates and Yoga

Looking to get your heart pumping and body moving? Book in for one of our cardio classes! Burn calories, improve endurance and boost your cardiovascular health.

Benefits of Group Ex Classes:

- Encouragement and motivation- Different abilities welcome- Structured workouts- Meet new people- Get a qualified fitness expert advice

At the end of last year we asked our members for feedback on our group exercise programme, so with the help of your feedback we've made a few changes to our programmes! the help from our customers feedback we listened and upgraded our programmes to become bigger and better, our fitness instructors are ready to help you feel the burn and push you to your limits! 

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