Quayside Leisure Centre recognised by the Royal Humane Society

The team at Quayside Leisure Centre have been recognised by the Royal Humane Society and awarded the 'Resuscitation Certificate Of The Society' for the successful resuscitation of a member on the 13th July 2023. Certificates were presented to lifeguard, Joel (Left), General Manager, Kieron (Middle) and Team Leader, Eslam (Right) alongside Louise who has now recovered and is back using the centre.

This certificate is awarded to people who have undertaken a successful resuscitation of someone, who was at one stage 'seemingly dead', through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (MMR) and/or heart-and-lung massage (CPR). A successful resuscitation is measured by the resuscitated person being alive when they are taken from the location.

The staff were also commended by the whole team at Devon Air Ambulance for the successful resuscitation, Something which only occurs in 8% of those who have an out of hospital cardiac. The team didn't give up and spent a lengthy 14 minutes performing CPR, administering multiple shocks using the centres AED and successfully reviving the woman before paramedics arrived to the scene.

Well done team, fantastic work.