Heart disease and post-stroke 12 week programme

Have you recently been diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease or are you recovering from a stroke?

Our FREE programme encourages you to increase your physical activity which could really benefit your health and wellbeing and aid your recovery... 

Our 12-week programme consists of physical activity that offers weekly supervised exercise sessions that will take place at Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness and Park Road Pools & Fitness, with other community locations to follow at a later stage!

Our friendly team will help you get started, we'll work at your own pave and within your capabilities and we will only encourage you to increase your activity when you are ready. You'll find a supportive environment with qualified exercise professionals that will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to lead a more active lifestyle now, and in the future!

How to join

Ask your GP, cardiac nurse/stroke nurse, consultant or any healthcare professional to refer to to Phase IV Exercise Programme. 

Ask for a Cardiac or Stroke referral form at Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness - you will need your GP to complete and sign the form before you can return it to this centre. 

Alternatively, you can email myriam.oudina@fusion-lifestyle.com and ask for a form which can be emailed back to this address on completion. 

Once the referral is received and screened, you will be invited for an assessment at Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness.