Fusion Lifestyle Case Studies

Charnwood Health Walk

In 2014, we delivered over 100 walks with 1,000 attendees.

We offer three grades of walks, each with differing level of intensity, so that everyone in the community feels welcome and comfortable participating

All of the walks are led by qualified walk leader and accredited with the Walking4Health scheme

The health walks are supported by the British Heart Foundation, Natural England, the local NHS and Leicestershire and Rutland Sport.

Young at Heart, City of London

Young At Heart is a programme targeted at providing people over the age of 50 with opportunities to improve physical and mental health, fitness and well being, through providing 21 hours a week of physical activity, health seminars, wellness events and free quarterly health seminars, wellness events and free quarterly health checks and advice:

  • The scheme has evidenced the increase in health benefits associated with physical activity
  • In the last year, 41% of participants had reduced their blodd pressure to a normal level and 84% had reduced their BMI
  • Key partners include Diabetes UK, British Heart Foundation, City of London Healthwatch, Age UK, Stroke prevention, TLC, City of London Adult Social Care and Walk for Health

Managing Our Environment Inpact

Fusion continues to adopt a responsible and proactive approach to the management of energy and environmental impact. Our environmental management system continues to have accreditation under ISO 14001, we have retained our Carbon Gold Saver Standard and we have significantly extended the scope of our regular internal environmental audits. 

In 2014, we have undertaken a range of initiatives to deliver improved efficiency.

Variable Speed Drives

VSDs work by regulating the speed at which fans and pumps operate

VSDs were installed in 11 centres in late 2014 and have, so far, delivered a cumulative reduction in electricity consumption of circa 800,000kWh (that´s 12%).

Biomass Boiler

Biomass is a form of renewable energy that uses woodchip to generate heat

  • We have successfully worked in partnership with Oxford City Council to install and operate a biomass boiler in the new Leys Pool and Leisure Centre
  • The biomass boiler is anticipated to deliver around 400,000kWh of heat each year, around a third of the total heat demand of the building.